These companies that we work with, is a world leader in environmentally-friendly production.

GLS-Tanks is coming from Austria and is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of glass, enamel tanks and silos.

GLS has a unique concept for its manufacturing PUESTA, Electrostatic powder enameling, which the GLS is alone to do, and that makes the product superior.

All edges and holes are enameled. No one else can do this. Furthermore, the manufacturing is environmentally friendly when you are not using toxins in the process, and has developed special steel that does not provide pin-hole in the glass.

GLS delivers complete thoughts with insulation, ladders stairs, flanges, sight glasses and other peripherals for a digester and are accountable to the tank is tight against the foundation, through its unique RN systems

Today, GLS is a market leader in Scandinavia and follow AFS 2005 in Sweden.

Read more on the GLS website.

Tecon is coming from Austria and is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of Doubles-membranes gasholders for both open tanks as separate gasholders on the foundation.

Tecon has a flexible concept with large variations for the individual customer needs. Among other things, Tecon delivered the world’s largest gasometer 12,500 m³ to Hashöj biogas plant in Denmark. Tecon also manufactures membranes for tank cover open tanks, capable Scandinavian snow loads.

Today Tecon one of the market leaders in Scandinavia.

Read more on Tecons website.

Environtec is a company that comes from Austria. Is located on Lake Constance on the northern edge of the Alps in the heart of Europe. Environtec also builds complete biogas plants but is largest in component production of biogas equipment.

Their largest products are torches, open or closed, gas purification, gas domes, capacitors, etc


Read more on Environtec website.

Is a Swedish company that comes from Veddige in Halland. Their specialty is center-mounted mixers, where the Albatross knives eliminate any sludge blanket and the unique screw presses the cut quilt in the liquid. Further, not required any baffles with Indutec’s solutions.

Side-mounted mixers is another great product with a unique service-friendly design.

Read more on Indutec’s website.

Is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of horizontal auger-knife-mixers, which gives a very fine materials, and equipment for screening and composting of organic materials?

The machines can be supplied as tractors, electric or diesel. In addition, gas engine-driven electrical generators on the program.

Read more at Seko’s website.

Landia is one of Denmark’s leading pump manufacturers with a very high quality pollysi. Landia has developed a completely new type of pump and gas mixings system that eliminates any sludge blanket.

Furthermore, it has a wide range of chopper pumps that can handle most wet organic material to decompose batch wise, such as fish, meat and household waste.

In addition, a wide range of pumps for sludge and liquids.

Read more at Landia website.